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          Obama's Trillion Dollar Spending Spree is Beyond Irresponsible

          Putin Warns U.S. About Socialism

          The Federal Government Bailing Out Overspending States - Turning the Original Framework of Our Nation on Its Head


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The Federal Government Bailing Out Overspending States

There is talk now about the federal government bailing out states that have overspent.

In tough times, individuals must tighten their belts and cut spending. This is in sharp contrast to government, which doesn't cut spending, it looks for new sources to pilfer.

Places like California and New York which are infested with socialism and have been spending money they don't have on self destructive government programs now want YOU TO PICK UP THE CHECK!

When is enough enough?

If you ever needed a reason to join the Libertarian Party, this may be it!

This has turned the original framework of our nation on its head. The federal government was supposed to be a small entity supported by states, and given a few specific tasks.


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